About Us

Karen Vinci is the owner and founder of Kara Bola. Kara Bola (meaning Karen’s beautiful baubles) designs and creates jewelry, or what we call endearingly, wearable works of art. Our jewelry distinctly combines sterling silver with glass, gem stones, Swarovski crystal, and freshwater pearls. Each Kara Bola piece is lovingly made by hand and our dedication to beauty is reflected in all of our designs. Our jewelry is crafted to shine as an independent statement or layered together to compliment the wearer’s personal style.

Kara Bola was my dream, and I made it my reality. My jewelry is a wearable reminder that everyone should follow their dreams! Beauty. Balance. Grace. I strive to live my life with those three words reflected in my every action. As a single mother of three, it can be challenging, but faith in yourself is everything; and that is Kara Bola!